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Surnames include McCoy, Marcel, Mayor, Johannot, Gélieu,Margueron, Faucherres, Dutoit, Trolliet, Planche, Rouge, Leorat, Barnett, Gachet, Berthod, Vallier,Chalon,Uran, McDougall, Havens, and many more!  Many of these are from French-SpeakingSwitzerland with links to Huguenot families in France.

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Now Playing: François Couperin, "Le Tic-Toc-Choc, ou Les Maillotins"

Finally Here!:General MIDI realizations of some of my harpsichord favorites
and the new  Hpschd  soundfont to play them!
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Essay: The Dreadful, Dreaded Urtext Performance

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